Sunday, July 21, 2013

Letter to Cousin

(Editor’s Note: This is part of a letter written on July 15 by Alec to his cousin, Allison Scarlett, which she shared with us.  The letter has a little more information and basically ties together a picture he sent us with no explanation).

Here in Brownsville, Texas, [is] the absolute bottom of mainland, USA. Probably 95% of the population is Spanish.  I speak very little Spanish.  There is so much more that I need to know.  It’s mainly hard to understand people.  They talk super fast and like all slurred together.  I can’t necessarily understand every single sentence but I can pretty much understand a conversation.  Besides the Spanish I love it here.  The people are pretty great.  The members are super cool.

Me and my mini!
Last week me and my companion had mini missionaries, one for him and one for me.  That meant we would split up and I would be the missionary that leads.  I was so nervous.  But it was a good week.  On my mini’s last day, we set two BD’s (baptismal dates of inviting someone to be baptized and they accept)!  We were so happy.

Today is the last Pday of my first transfer in the field.  I am going to be in a trio just like I was at the MTC.  Maybe I will get my visa this next transfer and leave to Argentina. Who knows!  My companion now is Elder Torres.  We stay in an apartment with two other Elders:  Elder Rupp and Jones.  Rupp goes back to his home Wednesday.  Jones is brand new just like me.  I love them a lot.  We get fed a lot of food.  Our fridge is stuffed with food.  I absolutely love Hispanic food!!!

Let’s see . . . something crazy I saw in like my second week was somebody get beat up.  It was with a metal pole too! It was crazy.