Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 2 - Tucuman

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wla familia de nuveo. Extraño a todos. ow, tantas cosas que están haciendo en casa. Yo no puedo esperar a reunirme con toda 

I said, "Theres lots of things going on at home. I cant wait to get together with the family again. I miss everybody."

One sister from our district went but the other three stayed. The trip was super awesome and it was super tiring. [see blog of September 19] 

So it was a pretty good week that I had with my mini missionary. We had another baptism on Saturday. His name is Jacinto Roque Palma. He is the friend of Miguel. The two of them are doing good. We are working with a couple that will get baptized this week. They are getting married on Friday and then baptized on Saturday. There might be some problems with papers but we dont know. We will see. They are excited. 

This week on Wednesday we are having Zone conferences. 

I have pretty much told you my week. I wrote you last on Wednesday about the trip. Here are some pictures. 

Les amo a todos. Espero que les vaya bien la semana. Cuídense. 

Elder Dawson

Looking at Andes Mtns-Argentina side
Temple in Cordoba

Snow at top of Andes Mountains!
Yeah! Snow!

Argentina - Chile Border Crossing
Chilean Flag

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 1 - Tucuman

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So has been the craziest two weeks of my entire mission. 

Mom, I will answer your questions first. 

My bus ride from Jujuy to Tucuman was about 6 hours. We were going to leave at 7:30 on Monday morning but we werent able to so we left on another bus at 12:30. We got in Tucuman at 6:30. I didnt have a Pday. Tuesday I wrote you. I traveled with 3 other missionaries. I am the district leader of 4 sister missionaries and my comp. I pretty much just have to be an example, and help them with what they need so that they can have success and baptize their investigators. 

I live with 2 other missionaries. The church is in the middle of the block of General Paz y Moreno. 

So I had a good first week. My companion is Elder Hampton, he lives in California and just finished 2 transfers in the mission field. We started working in our area. I live outside of my area so I have to walk a ways to get there. On Saturday we had a baptism. A guy named Miguel Gimenez. He is a great guy. Right after the baptism on Saturday we got a call from the Zone Leaders. They told me that I was going to go on a trip with my companion and a couple of other missionaries to try out some visa stuff. 

Sunday morning at 7 am we were in the Bus station. We left there and traveled 9 hours to Cordoba. We got there at about 5 or so. We went to the mission offices in Cordoba and ate dinner, meet up with other missionaries (one of them was also in my zone in the MTC) and we also took pictures of the Temple in Cordoba which is right behind the mission offices. It was super awesome. Then we all got back on another bus and traveled for about 10 or so hours to Mendoza. We went to the mission offices there and ate breakfast, then got some more missionaries and left again. We traveled about 6 more hours. Guess where we went! We traveled through the Andes Mountains and went to Chile!!! The border crossing was in the middle of the Andes Mountains. I crossed at a place called Cristo Redentor ( if you want to search for it). While there WE HAD A SNOWBALL FIGHT IN THE ANDES MOUNTAINS!!!!! THAT´S SUPER STINKIN LOCOOOO!!!! We went into Chile and ate dinner later that night and started heading back. On the way back for some reason in Cordoba a cop gave the bus a ticket. ha but its good. I got back to my area at 8 this morning on Wednesday. Then my companion got a call from the assistants and told him that he is going to Salta to be the mission secretary. So he left at 1:10 today. I am now with a mini missionary and he will be with me for the rest of the transfer. For 5 more weeks. So I have a total of 5 days in my new area. I am excited, and we will see how it goes...

But I took a ton of pictures. Mostly of the mountains and of missionaries sleeping. ha But I also have some money from Chile also. So yeah… thats my week. Well the first half of my second week here. 

I hope that you all have a great week. I will see you next week. 

Elder Alec Dawson

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So I got transferred. I am now in Tucuman, San Miguel de Tucuman. I am in zone Tucuman Centro, one of three zones in Tucuman. My area is Centro 2. I am District leader now. My companion is called Elder Hampton. He is from California. He has 3 transfers in total in the mission. He is so boss. He is super fired up to work, see miracles, and to baptize. And I want nothing more than to help him do his best and have a lot of success. I have two companionships of sisters in my district. Hermana Harper from Arizona. Hermana Fraga from Utah, Hermana Alcerro from Honduras, and Hermana Perales from Peru. Hermana Alcerro leaves the mission the same time as I do. I am really excited to work here. I know that it is a really good area that I am in now and I know that we can have lots of success. I hope I can be a good district leader. jaja ;) 

So they said that everything is all good with my head. Nothing is wrong.

I am glad that you guys had a good week. Ask Andrew if Jonathan and Mathew are still managers at Chick Fil A. Find out who still knows me there.

But I will send some pictures next week. I hope you all have a great day well and week! I love you all!

Elder Alec Dawson

On my way to Tucuman!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 22 - JuJuy

Monday, September 1, 2014

So I dont have a lot of time. 

Our investigators are having a little trouble. None of them came to church this week. It shocked us because they were all super committed. We have to find our why they didnt show up. 

I find out about the MRI results on Wednesday. My finger is still fat but its doing better.  

This week we ran around a lot. It wasnt full of success. This is probably my last week in Jujuy, next Sunday we get transfers. 

Today we played soccer again and we won. Barely... it was really hot and everybody was tired but we finished. It was really fun. I am leaving Jujuy undefeated. haha 

So I have to go now. Out of time. I will write better next week. Well it depends on where I get transferred and how long it takes to get there. But I love you a lot. Thank you for your love and support.

Hasta luego!

Elder Dawson