Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 21 - JuJuy

Monday, August 25, 2014

I got my MRI, I go to get the results on Tuesday then I will have to go back to the first doctor for him to tell me everything. 

My finger is fine.[His hand was kicked last week playing soccer]. It got dislocated. Its still a little fat, and hurts if I bend it a lot but its doing good. I still play soccer. I dont think I will stop...hahah We played again against all of the Latin’s today and we won!!! We are killin it down here. I think I will be playing in the 2018 world cup in Russia! ;)

Thats cool that Andrew is a ward missionary! He better work hard to help in the work! I know that it could be hard sometimes with the schedule but everything thing that he does with his calling with help him receive many many blessings. Thats cool!

So I am just starting another week! I want to work even harder. These are probably my last two weeks in Jujuy. We have transfers on the 8th. 

Yesterday I hit how many months mom?? haha yep 16. 

I dont remember what else happened this week... SO I will send a couple pictures.

Oh its been really hot. But the temperature thing I have was exaggerating the temperature! haha can you tell me how hot it really was yesterday? [54 celcius = 129 degrees?] You will see the pictures.

Week 20 - JuJuy

Monday, August 18, 2014

So it has been a pretty hard week for me! The work has been hard. It has been difficult this last week to enter in the houses and find new investigators. But we do have a couple people that we are working with that can be baptized. One is a lady named Sara that first met the missionaries in 2010. She is doing great and set a baptismal date for herself for the 6th of September. We talked to another kid who is 19. His name is Ezekuiel. He could be a possible baptism for the 30th of this month. He is thinking about it.

So I will be getting the MRI on Friday this week. Then probably the next week I will be getting the results. I am not sure.

So last week when we talked [Skype on August 11] afterwards I went to play soccer! It was super fun! The missionaries played against all Latinos. Tres Gringos y un Chileno contra cuatro latinos. We started off beating them 3 to 0. We were amazed at ourselves because it was a miracle that we were winning against them. Then it went to 4 to 1. Then all of a sudden to 6 to 9. We were playing to 10. They finally just started kicking our butts. Then miraculously we scored three lucky goals and won the game! We were so proud of ourselves. We definitely should have lost. People here are really good at soccer. 

Today I was also playing soccer. A kid kicked my finger.....It might be broken or its just dislocated. It was bent to a 45 degree angle and then I just snapped it back in place. It made a snapping sound. Its swollen right now. But we are going to the hospital to get it checked out in a little bit.

I am really thankful for you guys and that I have you as my family. I love you all and thank you for everything you all have ever done for me! I know that our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of his children and his willing to help us with anything as well. I am really grateful that I have this opportunity to be here and to serve Him. I am thankful for His support and all the support that you have all given me. It is my dream to see Andrew, Sean, and Jared leaving on a mission and coming back two years later! I love this work, I love Christ’s Church, and I love Him!

I have pretty much written this email with 6 fingers. All the rest I have wrapped up right now! haha

Espero que todos tengan una buena semana! Andrew prepárete para la misión! 
Les amo! Besos! :)  [I hope everyone has a good week! Andrew prepare for mission!
I love you! Kisses! :)]

Elder Alec Dawson

Week 19 - JuJuy (Special Skype & Tribute to Grandma Wilde Walker)

Monday, August 11, 2014

[Alec's Grandma Walker passed away Sunday, August 10, 2014. Neil called the Mission Office in Salta to notify the mission president and have them relay the information to Alec. The mission president gave Alec permission to call us or skype.  Susan had already flown out to Utah and was staying with her brother, Dale and his wife, Cheryl.  We were blessed to be able to have a three-way skype and share this experience with him.

We certainly feel it was the Lord's tender mercy for our family to have been able to fly to Utah for vacation the end of July and be with mom (not knowing it would be our last). I wanted to include in Alec's blog a small tribute to his grandmother --- including his Aunt Wendy's blog entry, a picture that --- to our family --- describes Grandma Walker to a tee, along with her obituary.  She truly was an incredible person.  We love and miss her]. 

Week 18 - JuJuy

Monday, August 4, 2014

I am glad that that you had a good trip in Utah. What did you all do? 

So I went to the neurologist today and they did a test on me. They covered like my entire head with wires and did some sort of an electric test. I didnt feel anything. They just told me to keep my eyes closed and then to breath rapidly and then open my eyes. It lasted for about 15-20 minutes just sitting in a chair. I have to go back Friday to get the results. Then on Friday I also have to try and do a Cat scan. 

I dont remember where in Chile he [Elder Contrares] is from. He is from the southern part a little more where its colder. 

I am glad to hear that Grandma was taken care of good. I want to see her when I get back!! I hope that everything will be alright from now on. 

I had a good first week of the transfer with Elder Contreras. I want to keep working hard to have success. I hope that he will be able to learn from me and that I can learn a lot from him. He is a great missionary. He has about 9 months in the mission and I have a couple days over 8 months left. Wow! 

I am excited for this new week!

I dont have much new things to say. I am really rushed on time because all of the internet places were either closed or full and so we are in the house of a member writing. My companion needs to write now. 

Espero que todos tengan una buena semana! Mucho éxito! Disfrutan la semana! Les veo en la semana que viene! [I hope everyone has a good week! Much success! Enjoy the week! I see you next week!]

Hasta Luego!

Elder Dawson