Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 21 - JuJuy

Monday, August 25, 2014

I got my MRI, I go to get the results on Tuesday then I will have to go back to the first doctor for him to tell me everything. 

My finger is fine.[His hand was kicked last week playing soccer]. It got dislocated. Its still a little fat, and hurts if I bend it a lot but its doing good. I still play soccer. I dont think I will stop...hahah We played again against all of the Latin’s today and we won!!! We are killin it down here. I think I will be playing in the 2018 world cup in Russia! ;)

Thats cool that Andrew is a ward missionary! He better work hard to help in the work! I know that it could be hard sometimes with the schedule but everything thing that he does with his calling with help him receive many many blessings. Thats cool!

So I am just starting another week! I want to work even harder. These are probably my last two weeks in Jujuy. We have transfers on the 8th. 

Yesterday I hit how many months mom?? haha yep 16. 

I dont remember what else happened this week... SO I will send a couple pictures.

Oh its been really hot. But the temperature thing I have was exaggerating the temperature! haha can you tell me how hot it really was yesterday? [54 celcius = 129 degrees?] You will see the pictures.