Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 16 - Jujuy

July 21, 2014

So I will start this email off by answering all the questions from the last email. 

First, we didnt watch the Argentina game either. We left church and had lunch with some members and stayed in the apartment the rest of the night. We left the apartment to take a couple pictures in the streets that we so empty. During the game Argentina scored but it was called off sides so it didnt count. Not much happened when they lost though. The people still had parties because it had been 24 years since Argentina was in the Finals of the World Cup. We still had a couple investigators that went to church. 

In the pictures that I sent of the jerseys was Elder Mckee (who was also with me in Texas) and Elder Acevedo. My comp was the one taking the picture.

So the jerseys. My jersey is authentic. It cost 750 pesos which is like 70 or 80 dollars. I can buy other jerseys that are fake but I dont like them very much. It would just depend on you guys if you want the jersey´s or not. 

So the food here isnt very spicy. Not a lot of people like spicy food. But we can get it.The food is pretty much the same as it was in Frias. We have been eating a lot of chicken lately! I love whatever is put in front of me! 

How was Andrews senior trip? I want him to write me when he can and tell me everything! Seriously like every single detail! :D

So yeah we did some service helping a family move to a different house. I really like doing service. We usually have a lot of fun doing service. 

Alright so now here is my week, 

Last Monday was when we went to check on Pamela´s marriage and that was when they said they couldnt. After that we left to meet up with other missionaries to play soccer. I had a pretty bad accident there (I forgot to tell you, haha) So I was running as fast as I could to stop the ball for going out of bounds. I kicked the ball backwards right before it went out and then about 5 feet after I slammed into a metal fence. I was going to fast to stop myself fast enough even with my arms out. Its not like a chain link fence. It was solid metal bars. But so I hit it hard and kind of bounced off. It hurt so bad. I got lucky though because my face went in between two bars. One bar hit my left cheek. But if it was an inch to the left or right I would have crushed something. I walked away and was about to play again when I started to feel dizzy. I sat down and said that I was going to rest for a second when I passed out. The other elders woke me up and were talking to me and then I passed out again. This time they told me that I started to have seizures. But they woke me up again and I put myself against a wall and then after that nothing else happened. I had hit part of my face, a horizontal bar hit the side of my neck, I had bid marks on my arms, I hit my right hip hard, my left knee and my right foot. As of now only my hip, knee, and foot still hurt a little. Everything else is fine. I have talked with Hermana Chaparro and I will be going to get checked out just to make sure nothing super bad has happened. But I feel good now so dont worry. 

Tuesday nothing happened and on Wednesday for lunch we made bbq chicken empenadas. They were really good. Thursday we ate with Cristian and Pamela.

Friday we had Zone Conference. I liked it a lot. Presidente Chaparro is taller than I am, and is balding a lot. Half of his middle finger on his left hand is gone. He is really cool. So is his family. He has 5 kids i think. Two that are in the mission. One in Brazil and one that is going to Mexico City North. Three other kids are with him here. I am excited to work with him for the rest of my mission. 

Saturday morning we did some more service. We helped to cut down a tree. We climbed up in the tree and started cutting this huge branch and then we pulled it down. Then we cut up higher and pulled down the higher part of the tree down. It was a lot of fun! We made sure that we were being safe. We used a hatchet machetes to cut it down. People mainly use machetes to cut stuff down here. 

Sunday was a good day! We had empenadas for lunch! And then we worked for the night. 

We are focusing more on Recent Converts and Less Actives more! There has been some changes as for mission work.

I am excited for another week. It is the last week of the transfer so by next Monday I will find out whats going on. 

I hope that you guys all have a great week! And especially a fun time in Utah! Tell grandma that I love her and miss her!!!!

Les quiero mucho y espero que tengan un buen tiempo en Utah! Hasta Luego! 

Elder Alec Dawson