Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 15 - Jujuy

July 14, 2014

How was your week. I am sure you had a lot to do. Especially that Andrew had his 18th birthday on Wednesday! How is the summer? 

I forgot to ask you but Grandma W. sent me a email a little while ago and she mentioned about going out to Utah. Are you guys taking a trip to Utah to see grandma? How is she doing by the way? Has she gotten better? 

So I had an alright week. We werent able to have a whole lot of √©xito. We couldn´t really find very many more people to teach. We were able to have some good lessons with a couple people. We are teaching a guy named Cirilo and we tried to have his baptism on Saturday. He is an old guy. He had a siezure a long time ago and so he can barely talk. He can say a couple of words. He cannot read or write nor can he walk around for a long time. We talked to his family about baptism and that they need to fill out the baptism record since Cirilo cant do it physically. But his kids arent going to let him. We are going to see what we can do with him this week. We are also teaching Pamela. Last week we went to the Registro Civil (I dont remember what it is in English) to get her married. We went last week three times and all three times they were on strike. We went today in the morning but they told her she had to do a lot of documents that would take about a year to do. She was wanting to get baptized this coming Saturday. But now we cant. We are going to see what we can do. 

So this last week we had the last couple games of the 2014 World Cup. Brazil played against Germany and got destroyed. Brazil 1-7 Germany. It was such a big blow. That kind of losing is super bad here. It is literally worse that a NFL team losing by 50 points. Then Argentina played the Netherlands and won. Argentina 4-2 Netherlands. It was in the penalty kicks that they won. Brazil played again against Netherland to go for 3rd place. Brazil had another let down. Brazil 0-3 Netherlands. So on Sunday Argentina played against Germany for the World Cup. Soo yeah, Argentina lost and got second place. We were all so sad... I was so stoked to say that I was in Argentina when they won. hahah but unfortunately no. 

We also made another type of Empenadas. We have been inventing empenadas. We made breakfast empenadas. With Chorizo, potatoes, the big green and red peppers, cheese and some other seasonings. It was super super good. This week we are going to make BBQ Chicken empenadas. 

We did service at a members house and took out like a tree/vine thing. 

This next week we are having Zone Conference with our new Mission President. President Chaparro. My 4th one. I am excited. I want to meet him. 

So I will hear about you guys later. I hope you are all good. I miss you all and love you!

Hasta la semana que viene! Les amo!

Elder Dawson