Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 5 - Jujuy

Monday, April 28, 2014

Buenas Tardes!

Como están? Estoy agradecido escribirles nuevamente esta semana. Me parece que su semana fue buena!

Presidente Levrino goes home in July. The new presidente that is coming is Presidente Chaparro. He is from Buenos Aires. 

It sounds like your week was pretty great. You all did a lot. I like how everybody is doing good with Boy Scouts. So my week was good and bad. We had a horrible week as far as numbers. We had little lessons. We didnt find a lot of new people. I would say that has been one of my worst weeks. There were two days where nobody let us in, two days when we didnt have any lessons at all. We started out bad on Monday. But we also made 360 cookies and gave them to the members of our branch that are in our area. 

Tuesday it rained super hard and for a long time. We were at the very end of our area. We started contacting in a new neighborhood that we hadnt visited before and on the second door they let us in. We talked to Antonio and Carolina. They are super cool. Carolina said that Antonio usually tells people that they are busy and they dont let people in but they did with us. They were awesome. Antonio reminds me of a little bit fatter version of Bruce Willis. 

Wednesday was one of the days that we didnt have any lessons. The people just wanted to argue and just show us how great their knowledge was of the gospel and the scriptures. They would talk to us and not let us talk. Or when we would talk, they would interrupt us and start talking more. I got tired of it after a little.  

Thursday was weekly planning. In the afternoon we went back to Antonio and Carolinas house. We taught about the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome lesson. They had read the intro and randomly read Moroni 1-5. They liked it and they wanted to go to church. After the lesson they wanted to take pictures with us. When we left we went to the terminal (bus station) because we were going to Salta. We started traveling at 9:10 and we got to Salta at about 11 or so. We stayed the night with the elders that worked in the offices of the mission. During the night more missionaries came. It was because we all had to get stuff done for our documents. Like I.D. from Argentina.

Friday morning we traveled all over Salta to different places. We ate 10 dozen facturas for breakfast and right before we left for lunch we ate 10 dozen empanadas. SOOO GOOOOD! We got back to Jujuy at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I have to go back to Salta again this week to finish with everything. 

Saturday was a good day and on Sunday we went to church in the morning. Nothing really happened. 

So that was pretty much my week. I will see what I can do about some pictures. 

Oh so for my year mark I was in Salta. I had a pretty good time there. 

Espero que tengan una semana muy buena con muchas actividades. Que andan bien en la escuela con sus clases y también con su trabajo. 

Les amo mucho!

Elder Dawson