Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 21 - Frias

Monday, March 3, 2014

Buena Tardes! Como andan? [Not sure, but we think he means "How's it going?"]

So its been raining on and off this past week. But yes I have been using my boots and umbrella and jacket. Sometime the water rises and my shoes get soaked including the boots but we have a heater in the apartment to dry them. The person that was going to be baptized is Debora. She didnt get baptized on Saturday because she had to work and had a bad family situation. But she will be baptized this Saturday for sure. But no I havent gotten sick or anything. 

So now I will tell you of my week. It was a good week but turned bad at the end. 
On Monday it rained off and on all day. We had a good start to the week. Had a couple lessons and one was with Debora that was going to be baptized.

Tuesday it rained all day long without stopping for even 10 seconds. So we went out in boots, umbrellas, and everything. It got pretty cold too. We worked a lot and later bought facturas. The lady also gifted us a cake to eat! We were so happy. We had almost no lessons because of all the rain. We went back to Deboras house, shared a scripture and watched a church movie with them and then ended the day. 

Wednesday it was cold outside so we had our sweaters. We received a ton of referrals and were contacting a lot of people. We found a good number of investigators also. 

Thursday, I dont think much happened because I didnt write anything down. I know that we did weekly planning that day and for lunch we ate hot dogs and we made guacamole! Super good!

Friday the main thing was that we had a lesson, good lesson with the Familia Zingales. They are doing good. We learned a lot more of their needs and what they need in order to progress to be baptized. Also we were walking down the road and you couldnt guess what we saw! We saw a Chevrolet Camaro! Holy smokes it was sick! White, with dark windows and wheels! It wasnt a basic Camaro, it was a super good one! Its like the first super nice car I have seen here. Very rare, and you can only have it if youve got $$$. 

Saturday is where things got bad. We got done eating lunch, and we started doing our afternoon studies. We got a call that the son of Claudia Moya, my recent convert, had died. During the entire day everyone in the city was talking about it. That night all of the family was in the grandmas house. We passed by for a while and we talked with them. 

Sunday morning. It rained heavily all morning. The family of Claudia called us and asked us to come by and say a prayer. We went by and there were a ton of people in the house. Erik, is the sons name that died. His body was there. They wanted us to say a prayer before they all went to the cemetery. We said the prayer, and everyone was crying super hard. I cried because I had known this kid for almost six months. He was 19 years old and I saw him almost three times a week. But afterwards they all went to the cemetery. They had to wait to bury him because his grave was full of water. 

Church came around. None of the family was there. We had three investigators there. But it was a good testimony meeting. 

I am excited to start a new week and to work hard and to help all of Gods children come unto Christ!

Aside from all that, I hope that you all have a good week! I love you tons!

Elder Dawson