Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 24 - Last week in Frias

Monday, March 24, 2014

Buen dia!

So right now I am in Jujuy. My new area is Chijra. I have no idea about it only that it is a big place. It is definitely different from Frias. It is only my second area here in Argentina. Only my third area in the mission. 

I will start by telling you about my last week in Frias. 

Monday we talked with Florencia the hija de [daughter of] Debora. She had to come to church this week in order to be baptized the other Saturday. 

Tuesday we traveled to Santiago to have Zone Training. It was a good meeting. We had to leave early in order to catch our bus back to Frias. That night we talked to Florencia again. We talked to her and also Daiana who is her aunt. Daiana is also the sister of Debora and also Claudia that are now my recent converts. We invited Daiana to be baptized on Saturday and she accepted. She was excited to do it. 

Wednesday we had a great day. We had a lot of lessons. Nine lessons with investigators. We also received 10 referrals. We talked a lot with the people and were asking everyone for people that they knew we could visit. 

Thursday it got cold and it started to rain a little while we were working. It was just drizzling but it was cold and we didnt have our jackets or anything. But we had a good lesson with the Zingales Family. He studies a lot about the church. He had studied about all the history of the church and he had some questions about exaltation. We had to explain a good bit about that. But to us it seems that hno Marcelo [Bro. Marcelo] has lost his fire. He wants to take things slow and one thing at a time. He wants to know every detail possible. He is relying a lot on the knowledge of men. We actually talked about that in Zone Training. We need to teach him the doctrines of the gospel more clearly. He needs to understand now and act now! He is a great guy that really wants to make the right decision.

Friday it was still a little bit cold. We talked to Daiana a little bit more before her baptism on Saturday. She was excited for it. Her family is also happy for her. 

Saturday! We worked hard and got nothing. But we walked a lot and contacted a lot trying to talk to someone. But in the afternoon we had the baptismal service of Daiana Moya. It was great. She was happy, all of us there were happy. She is my last baptism in Frias. All part of the Moya family. 

Sunday we didnt have a lot of success either. We had a couple lessons. In the afternoon during studies I started to pack some of my stuff. Then we left to go remind people of church. We had church and we didnt have a single investigator there. It was sad. Especially in my last Sunday there. But we had the confirmation of Daiana. I gave a talk. I cried a little, some of the members cried. I was surprised to find that a lot of the members liked me a lot and were sad to see me go. We took some pictures said goodbye to some of the people. 

I leave Frias with a happy heart and hopes for all of my converts. I leave with nine converts. Heiler Renteria, Carmen Medina, Erika Alomo, Claudia Moya, Eliana and Pablo Luna (kids of Claudia), Debora Moya, Agustìn Moya (son of Debora), and Daiana Moya.  

I love the Moya family so much and I hope the best for them. I will be so excited to see them again when I will be able to return one day. 

So that was pretty much my week. 

I am glad to hear of all the things at home. Its weird to hear of Andrew and Sean growing up. It will be even weirder to see them in a year. 

I hope you all have a great week. Tell all the family that I love them! 

Hasta Luego! Chào!

Elder Dawson