Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 20 - Frias

Monday, February 24, 2014
Buenas Tardes!
Yes I have a package [at the mission office] but I dont have it yet. They werent able to send it to Santiago last time. I have to wait until the next time I go which will be in about another week or two. We will be having zone conference this transfer but I dont know when.
[We sent him a small package on January 16, and we are excited just to know that it at least got to the mission office!!!  The package we sent to him last November for Christmas that got stuck in customs in Buenos Aires  is suppose to be returning  back to us]
I use the internet at the church usually. Sometimes we use the internet at a little internet cafĂ© place. The internet is usually good but the other weeks they all had problems. 
Tell Sean Happy B-Day! I was thinking about him this week. And yes it is super weird that he is 13 years old now! haha no 16 ;) 
So I had a pretty eventful week!
Monday I wrote to you all and then we left and started to work for the night. We were out working and it started to rain. At first we didnt think anything of it because we didnt think it was going to rain much. We had a lesson with some people and when we left it started raining pretty hard. So we walked fast to another investigators home, but by the time we got there we were all dripping wet! We got there and she let us in. We dried ourselves off and talked for a little and had a quick lesson. We could hear the rain pounding outside. The wind and rain even pushed the door open a couple times. But we were there for about 30 minutes or so. When we opened the door to leave the water had risen over a foot or two and was about two inches away from entering the house. All you could see outside was water. You couldnt see the ground at all. We had to walk home and so we left. We walked almost a mile with water up to our knees the entire time. It was the most water I have seen in my life. All the streets were like rivers. Well all the water drains on that side of the city too so that made it worse. We got back to the apartment and we didnt have electricity. It came back on later in the night. 
Tuesday we got up early to take the bus to Santiago for Zone Meeting. It was still raining in the morning and so we were wet again by the time we got to the bus station. We got to Santiago and we went to a bench in the bus station to wait. I noticed that a couple people were laughing silently at me when my back was turned. I thought for a second and asked my companion if there was anything on my butt. I turned around and he said like a brown stain above the belt. Then I started to mess with my shirt, and he said holy crap and said I had a huge stain on my shirt. Later when we got to the church we went to the bathroom to check my shirt. I pulled my pants down and there was a super big giant stain on my pants and underclothing. There had been something in my bus seat that soaked into my pants and everything. It looked super bad. So I went all through the day with that. Then we traveled back to Frias and then I changed. I was so happy to change.

Later in the week on Friday it rained again. We werent prepared for that either. We were walking and it just started pouring. We had little lessons that day because its hard to talk to people when it is raining. 
Saturday morning we were walking and it started pouring again. Third day that we got completely soaked. We didnt bring anything because it looked like all the clouds were disappearing. but we were wrong. It rained all morning. Later when we got back to the apartment we got all dried. In the afternoon we worked like crazy! We had some super good lessons and received a lot of referrals that we contacted too. 
Domingo [Sunday]! At church we had nine investigators come! It was good. One of them is going to be baptized this Saturday! :D Possibly two of them! We are going to see. Unfortunately we werent able to end this week with a baptism we are going to have one now! 
Oh and the Zingales family is doing good. They came to church, they are still reading. Marcelo, the dad, asks a lot of deep doctrine questions. He is a teacher and so he analyzes practically everything. But we are doing good with them. They dont want to get baptized until they are sure about it! He says he wants an answer that is going to make him call us and be like "Hey, I want to get baptized right now!" But we are helping them so that they can recognize an answer however that it may come! 
I have had a good week. I hope that you all have a great week! I read this last week the story of Ammon and his brothers that were teaching the Lamanites and converted cities of them! I love those stories! You all should read them!
I love you all!
Elder Dawson