Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 18 - Frias

Monday, February 10, 2014


Sorry that I wasnt able to write last week. The internet was bad again. But I will start with my weeks. I have three weeks that I have to tell you about. 

Week of Jan 20 to Jan 26:

The week started off slow. We walked all over and werent able to have one lesson. Tuesday we still werent able to do a lot. We had three lessons all day. Wednesday we had three more lessons and we invited a chico named Maxi to be baptized on that Saturday. He accepted and all. Thursday we had to do weekly planning for a little bit then we had to leave to go to Santiago. We started fasting before we left too. During the bus ride it was super hot and it made us super thirsty. We got to Santiago and we worked for a little in the area of other Elders in our District. That night we went to the bus station again and my companion left to go to Salta to do some things for his visa. I left with another Elder to work in his area the next day while we waited for our companions. Friday it got super cold during the night and it was raining. We went out in the morning and tried to work but it was super hard. It was raining and it was cold. Later when we went back to the apartment it started raining harder. It rained so much and flooded the streets. We went out to work later but couldnt because we couldnt cross the roads for a while. We finally worked a little. Then on our way back home it started raining super hard again. We were running to get back. That night our companions returned and then we stayed the night with the Elders in our district. Saturday in the morning we traveled back, it was still cold, my clothes were still a little wet. So we were freezing on the way back. Saturday we didnt have the baptism of Maxi. Sunday we werent able to do much either and only 4 investigators went to church.

Week of Jan 27 to Feb 2:

Monday we started out the week good with some lessons and referrals. Later that night I was using the bathroom and then a giant spider like the size of an orange came crawling in to the bathroom by my foot. I freaked out opened the door, it ran out, then I threw a sandal at it and it smashed it. Later in the week we traveled again to Santiago and had district meeting and our interviews with President! We were heading to the bus station later to leave and we saw our bus arrive. So we ran to the bus station to catch it. We barely got it. If we didnt we would have been in Santiago for three more hours. But that night we talked with another chico about baptism and invited him to be baptized. Accepted! On Saturday he was baptized and on Sunday he was confirmed. We also took a picture of the branch for a time capsule of 100 years that the stake was going to do. Super long time. None of them are going to see it but I and my comp because we have the pictures also ;) 

Week of Feb 3 to Feb 9:

I didnt write anything down. But on Saturday we baptized another chica. Erika. Her mom we baptized in December. On Sunday she was confirmed. 

I dont know what the third week was but I have to go. I will have time next week to answer your questions better. We had transfers yesterday but I stayed in Frias still. 

I hope you all have a great week! Congrats Dad, first counselor. I love you All!!!

[Note:  On February 9, our ward bishopric was released and Neil was called to be first counselor in the new bishopric].