Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 5 - Frias

Sorry that I wont get your email this week. I will print it next week and be able to read it. Being behind two hours now makes things harder.
Saturday we had the baptism of Claudia and on Sunday she was confirmed. She is super awesome and she will be a great part of the church here. She will also be a great example for her family and others that we are teaching in her neighborhood.
This last week I went on exchanges. I forgot to tell you but I went on exchanges the week before also. For exchanges we have to go to Santiago also. The two times I went in the other area. The District Leaders name is Elder Poettcker (Potcker) and he is from Canada. His companions name is Elder Santa Maria and he is from Chile. They are a lot of fun. In our district it is just us four elders and there are two sisters. We go on exchanges two times a transfer after district meeting. From Tuesday afternoon to usually about Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Sometimes we will travel back Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. It depends.
This week we are going to be mainly working with one of Claudias kids. Her name is Eliana. She can be baptized this Saturday. We dont know if it will happen or not. We are going to try the very best we can to overcome her doubts and needs. She is a great girl, just needs to have a little excitement.
I dont have to much time. Sorry that I wasnt able to send pictures last week. I wont be able to either this week. Next week I am going to try and put some in a folder and send the folder.
I hope you guys have a great week! I love you!

Elder Dawson