Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 4 - Frias

This week was a pretty alright week. Halloween isnt a thing that people do here. For Halloween we had a big storm. All morning and early afternoon it was super super windy. The sky was dark in places because of giant dust and dirt clouds. Later when we went out to work it started to rain. All the rain mixed in with the dirt in the air. We were out walking with a member going to some of the lessons that we had. Luckily we were at a gas station to get some shelter. We got pretty wet but we were good. After we got to the gas station it started hailing. The day before it was a pretty warm day. But this day it was pretty chilly. It rained all night and all morning Friday. When we went out to work in the morning there was stuff all over the place that had been blown around. Pretty much on every street trees had split and fallen or just fallen period. A lot of people had fear because the wind was super strong. We saw part of a house that collapsed because a tree fell on it. It was a outside edge of a house, more like a shed. There was a radio antenna that collapsed. It was a radio antenna that a Evangelical church had. By Friday afternoon it had all cleared up.
This weekend we are going to have a baptism for a lady named Claudia. We have been teaching her and her family for the last three weeks. She has just been soaking everything up. She really enjoys the church and she participates a lot. Gets along great with the members here too. Its great when there is a lot of activity between the members and investigators. I think next week we are going to have the baptism of one or two of her daughters. I dont remember. But we are super excited for her and she is super excited also. She is so great!
I will try to send some of the pictures I have taken. I do get fed good still. We have some members that feed us on certain days. Really every once in a while we have to cook one or two times during the week. But we are doing pretty good on food.  Our apartment is a pretty good size for the two of, dining room, a living space, room with our clothes, room where we study and we sleep, and the bathroom. The bathroom is pretty small. We have two toilets. One to use the bathroom, and the other is to clean your butt....haha. They use the toilets that spray water here. Its pretty interesting. I like it......hahah. I will have to take pictures this next week of the apartment. We have a washer type thing. Its like a miniature version of the kind at home. Also a thing to put our clothes in to spin and get most of the water out, then we hang dry our clothes. The grocery stores here are definitely a lot smaller than what we have back home. They dont have a lot of things that we have but they have all the things that I need.
Thats about all for me. I hope that you guys have a great week and have a lot of fun!! I will see you next week. I love you!!!

Elder Dawson