Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 6 - MTC - Reassigned to Texas!

Alec was able to call us this afternoon about 3:45 pm to let us know that while he is waiting for his Visa for Argentina, he has been reassigned to go to the Texas McAllen Mission.  He leaves on Monday, June 3, at about 8 am, and he should be able to call again from the airport and talk a little longer.  It was good to hear his voice. We maybe only talked for for a couple of minutes.  He was on his way to the temple. 

[Editor's Note:  Our nephew, Benjamin Hadlock, will leave to go to Arkansas on Tuesday? Our nephew, Logan Close was called to Brazil Florianopolis Mission and leaves for Brazil on August 14. Our niece, Allison Scarlett received her mission call last Saturday.  She is going to the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission. She leaves for Provo MTC on September 25. Our nephew, Steven George, will be getting his mission call within a couple of weeks. Currently, there is Jessica George serving in Salt Lake, and Ben will be in Arkansas, there will be the three in South America, and we'll see about Steven! So exciting!]

Just checking out the features on my camera. It can detect a smile
 and take the picture or I can wink and it starts a timer.

            Just my favorite picture in the MTC. I dont know what it is called. The light makes it look different.

                                                             My reassignment papers.

                                                            Reassignment Travel Plans.

Elder Oaks invited a group of Muslim leaders from L.A. to come visit the MTC. They chose our classroom to come visit. They were just seeing what we do and all. We represented all 67,000 missionaries. So crazy but so awesome! President Nally is in the center. He is the MTC President. 

           Doing the Elder Jackson Face. He is in the very Back. The Hermana in the middle doing the other
              face is Hermana Gray. One of our teachers. She is doing the Elder White Face...far left Elder.

                                             The Cream Soda Tree. It smells like Cream Soda

Below is the email we received from Alec on the same day:

I wonder what the weather is going to be like in Texas since I will probably be there for most of the summer. I guess once I get my visa then they will just send me straight to Argentina.

I can't believe that Sean is driving now. That's even scarier than Andrew. He is so small.

I emailed Elder Cook, he told me that he was going to Asheboro. I think that is his last transfer and then he goes home. [Editor’s Note:  Elder Cook is one of the missionaries Alec spent time with serving two mini missions here in Gastonia].
I am so stoked for Allison. I was hoping that we all would be called to South America but I didnt think Allison would. I am so excited for her! Both of us will be getting home almost the same time!! So then did Stevens papers just go in? Or still waiting for a little? I am really excited to find out where he will go! I hope it is in Argentina also. If anything South America. It seems so weird that everyone will all be gone. Things will probably be way different back home.

So yes I got to Host again on Wednesday. I hosted three people. Elder Hamblin, he was going to Mexico. Elder Cooke going to Washington D.C. North. Elder Sum, going to Washington D.C. North also. Cooke and Sum were neighbors in Salt Lake. In about a month Elder Cooke's dad is going to be his mission President there. I thought that was pretty interesting.

So I have started packing things back up again. I didnt take everything out. But I am getting stuff back in. I have my big jacket to put in there also. I can only have two checked bags and only one carry on. So I am having to pack the backpack also. I am trying my best to get as close to 50 lbs. as possible because I have a feeling I will be overweight. I pay for all the fees but once I get to Texas the Mission President reimburse (no clue how to spell it) us. Only for the check-in fees and stuff I think. Im pretty sure if I am over weight then it is on me.  If I need to get rid of anything I will send it to Uncle Dale and Aunt Cheryl. Also I was thinking that I will probably invest in some of those vacuumed clothes bags that could help a little. So yeah, I will get to call you again in the airport when I leave. I love you!

-Elder Dawson