Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 2 - Brownsville, TX

So I thought that I would just send out a mass email. That is so much easier for me. I will try to remember everything since the MTC. So first, thanks everyone for the packages and letters while in the MTC. I know I had like 50+ letters and packages combined. Also thank you so much for the birthday stuff! I really loved it!

So MTC was super awesome! So spiritual and super fast learning. I have come to find out that I know pretty much absolutely no Spanish at all. Compared to pre-MTC I know a lot, but here in Texas.....que? It is hard to understand people. They talk really fast and all the words are slurred together.  My companions name is Elder Torres and he was born in Mexico but moved to Utah when he was 8. He has been out just over a year. We live in an apartment with two other elders. Elder Jones from Florida, and Elder Rupp from Lehi, Utah. I guess we both went to Eaglecrest elementary together but didnt know each other. This is his last transfer and he leaves in July. This mission has about 190 or so missionaries. This mission baptizes like crazy. The baptism goal for the mission this year is 1200. Our district of 8 elders has a goal of 20 baptisms this month. Right now we are at 11. Next month is 21 and we have over 35 BD's (baptismal dates) for the 7th and 14th of July. We know many will fall through but we do our best to bring them the restored gospel.

It is super hot and humid here. I have a car so it helps a good bit. Sunday I go to Spanish church at 9 then English church at 1. The members are pretty cool. We get treated pretty good. Elder Torres and I have I think 3 or 4 meal appointments this week.

So all the elders out here are tie crazy! Every Monday we go tie digging. We go to things called bodegas which are like giant warehouses that are full of old clothes - clothes that stores have gotten rid of.  We search for ties there. Most people know that we come and keep ties in a certain place for us. We go through them and find really good ties - ties that would cost $50+ for all of you. But we have been getting them for free. Last week I got about 7 more ties and today I got about 6 more. I will have to go through all my ties when I leave.

So I have to go. I dont remember much else that has gone on. So I love all of you!

Elder Dawson