Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 1 - Brownsville, TX

I will have to be fast. I got the notice for the package but I left the slip at home so we arent able to get it today, we have to work something out another time. [Editor's note: Alec's birthday was yesterday, June 9, and we sent a package to him directly to his apartment instead of the mission home in hopes he would get it in time, but oh well].

I think of the primary kids I taught sometimes. It was a lot of fun. And no I dont need any more stamps because I guess once I go to Argentina I will have to get stamps there. Um, thats awesome that you went to the temple, I am so excited for Allison. So happy for Drew [getting baptized]. That would have been awesome to be there. I cant wait to hear about Stevens mission call. He will be going South America. In Argentina specifically. Hopefully Salta too!!

Um, my comp is Elder Torres. Born in Mexico and moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah, when he was 8. Spanish is so dang hard here. People talk way super fast and words are slurred together. I have a really hard time understanding. I know I have a lot of work to do. This mission baptizes like crazy. Just our district is going to baptize over 20 this month. We already have I think 8 or 9. The mission goal is 1200. I guess they have been super close to that before. I have to go. Sorry it was short. I love you!

Elder Dawson

The picture that everyone has to take!
Elder Dawson and Elder Torres