Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 18 - Tucuman (TRANSFER TO SALTA!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am doing pretty good. I got transferred yesterday and so that it why I wasnt able to write you.  I am now in Salta Capital. Zone Salta and my area is called Independencia 1. I live outside of my area and then we have to take the bus every time we go somewhere weather we come or go. There are four of us in the apartment. Elder Evans is from Canada and is going to train a new missionary. My comp is Elder Romer. He is from Texas. It is super weird because he is 18. His birthday is also June 9th. He is only one month older than Andrew...He left like a week or two weeks after his birthday and now has almost 7 months in the mission. The apartment is bigger than what we had in Tucuman but its still kind of small. 

I gave my suitcase away to a kid named Carlos. He just got his wisdom teeth taken out last week. He is just about to send in his mission papers. He has a sister that is in Mexico on her mission. She gets home in June. In Santiago a kid left on his mission to Mexico last June. I left Santiago the last week of March. In Jujuy a kid is going to Bahia Blanca. its also in Argentina. A girl got back from the Mendoza Argentina mission a couple others were preparing to leave. In Tucuman well I told you about them first. My mini missionary is now serving his real mission in Brazil. He left in November. 

I got the two letters and the package on Friday. The package was in good condition. I was super happy to get starbursts and skittle and the Nutella. I shared with some people and we have already eaten the skittles and the Nutella. I am saving the starbursts. 

How are Andrews papers going? Have you already sent them? 

I am super stoked that Nate is home. Tell him hey for me.

Lately we have gone over a lot in the mission and I have taught a lot about our attitudes. It’s always great to have a good attitude and to keep working despite of the challenges because nothing that happens to us should matter. Our attitude is to keep going and doing the best that we can trusting that God will show us the way and what to do.

I am still the district leader. Its a district of elders now. I have the zone leaders too. Its hard but its fun and I love it

I am not able to send pictures now but I will do it next week. Thanks for being the best family in the world. I love you all!

Nos vemos la proxima semana. 

Elder Dawson