Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 13 - Frias

Monday, January 6, 2014
So this week has been pretty nuts. Monday we had Pday and transfers. Elder Moreno and I left Frias at about 5:30 AM and arrived in Santiago at about 8 AM.  He then left with some other missionaries. He is now in Tucuman as a Zone Leader, his first leadership calling in the mission besides Senior Comp. Then from there I stayed with Elder Trinidad for the day. He is one of the ZL´s (his companion left too). We went to his apartment and stayed there until about 4 PM when we returned to the Bus Station and our companions arrived. My Companion came from Salta and so it was a 7 hour bus ride.
Elder Ramirez is my companion and he is from Mexico. He lives about 30 minutes from the border beneath Arizona. He knows a good bit of English. I really like him a lot. He has 13 months in his mission . . . 5 months older than I.
After they arrived we then hurried to some computers in the Bus Station to write you guys. Then at about 4:30 PM we left on our bus back to Frias. It was a common bus which means they have stopping points. The direct bus doesnt go around in the afternoon. It was a 3 hour ride back. It was hot, hot air, and full of people. We arrived at about 7:30 PM or so. Then from there to the apartment and then we worked.
Tuesday and Wednesday there was rain storms. Everything in Frias was fine. A little rain, cool wind, cloudy skies; but in Santiago they had tornados. Super bad rain, wind, and hail. But there was nothing in Frias.
But this week we have worked pretty hard. We are teaching a family named the Zingales Family (Parents and 3 little kids - two over 8 yrs), and one day we left them the pamphlet for Lesson 1 of the Restoration to read and also the introduction to the Book of Mormon. When we came back he showed us a power point that he made of what they had learned and read. He pretty much taught us the complete lesson. Talked about everything, including the testimonies of the three witnesses and the eight witnesses. It was super awesome. They also came to church last night! Pretty awesome week.
I read and copied your letter to print so that I could read it again later. I will talk to you guys again next week. I love you!!

Elder Dawson