Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week 4 - MTC

Yes I got the package Thursday. Thank you so much. It was awesome. At least half of the gold fish are gone already. And the brownie chex mix stuff I was only ever able to find it at Wal-Mart. Nowhere else.

Yes time really does fly. I am so excited for Ben to get here. [Editor's Note:  Ben Hadlock is a cousin. He enters the MTC on May 22 (for about 2 weeks) and will be serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission]. I dont know if I will be able to Host when he comes but I will definitely try to catch him before he goes and does all of his stuff. He wrote me a little email last night.

Yes we got a new district. It’s a district of just nine elders. I dont get new companions. I keep the ones I have. They are all companions with each other. There is an Elder Wilde but there is no relation.

Oh and by the way I have run into Elder [Seth] Brown a few times. He is here waiting for his visa to go to Brazil. [Editor's Note:  Seth Brown is a brother to Ethan Brown whose family is in our Stake (mentioned in Week 3 post)]. I also ran into an Elder two weeks ago who was from Durham. I remember I talked to him after the priesthood session of conference. He is in a different ward that Logan and all, but in the same building and Sherron was his teacher in seminary. Also Hermana Watson is from Washington, like Seattle.

On Tuesday for Devotional Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke. It was so awesome. Our whole zone sang in the choir when he was there. I really loved listening to him and his wife, and singing in the choir. There was such a powerful spirit. I know that he has been called of God. I think two weeks ago Chad Lewis also came and spoke. It was really cool listening to him. I love going to the Devotionals. I am excited for the one tomorrow night. We never know who the guest speaker is until pretty much the devotional starts.

I hope I didnt miss anything. I love you.

Elder Dawson