Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 3 - MTC

Argentina Flag
Things are going fine. No allergies or anything. Yes I found my ring. It was in a pair of shorts. Found it when I was going to do laundry. [Editor’s Note: Alec had just bought an eternity ring but couldn’t find it at Grandma Walker’s house the morning we left for the MTC. Mom and I searched and searched for that thing, so I was glad to hear it was found.]  I got the package you sent with the card reader and letter from drew. The small PMG [Preach My Gospel] is just fine. I dont think Ben would need one. I was given a big Spanish PMG, and since he is speaking English they will probably give him one.

I haven’t seen Ethan here. [Editor’s Note: Ethan Brown also served his mission in Salta Argentina and returned last December.  He now is employed at the MTC going to school at BYU.  His family is from the York Ward in our Stake]. It would be hard for me to find him anywhere since I am pretty much in class all day.

This week has been pretty good. Got a new district, and had our two devotionals. A member of the 70, and Chad Lewis! It was pretty cool.

Elder Schumacher and Hermana Hillstead are from St. George. Hermana Newman is from South Jordan. Hermana Tanner is from Salt Lake City, I don’t remember where E. Jackson, or H. Watson are from. I will find out.

Well I have to go. I guess you could send me a DearElder if I need to know or do anything or know anything.

Love You,
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