Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 13 - Brownsville, TX

[Editor's Note: We got Alec's email on Tuesday instead of Monday. I was stressing...thinking he didn't send anything because he was on his way to the airport for Argentina, so I was very relieved to get his email. No worries though it was because if there is a holiday on Monday, they don't email until Tuesday].

So I have two weeks of things to tell you so I will get started.

Week of Aug 19 to Aug 25:
Monday was the regular. Except we didnt go tie digging. We went and ran some errands and mainly went to the church to play sports. We played volleyball and poison ball. Poison ball is super fun. I think I already told you about it cause the first time was when I got the teeth in my elbow.

Then Tuesday. That morning we broke one of the mirrors in the apartment. We were throwing balls around at each other goofing off. Then one of the balls bounced off one of us, hit the floor, then hit the mirror. We were like oh crap! But it was super funny. Earlier in the afternoon we had district meeting. One of the elders was sharing a little lesson and he used the example of a trust fall. He had some of us come up and catch someone. But the elder that was doing it decided to just fall. So he pretty much fell to the ground because no one was expecting him. It was super funny. He was okay cause it was a soft fall. After that we ate at Sis. Izzaguirres house. She made us some Calamari. I dont know if thats how its spelled but it was a bunch of like octopus leg things. The taste was good but it was just weird because it was super rubbery.

Wednesday there was a thunderstorm early in the morning around 2 am. It was super loud and I couldnt sleep for a long time. I think I was able to fall asleep almost around 4. It stunk. Later that day we sat down with the Mar family. Well the mom and daughter. They accepted a baptismal date. They were super cool and wanted to make changes in their lives. But ever since then we havent been able to really get in contact with them or at least sit down with them. The mom goes to Matamoros a lot. OH! we also ate with the Castillos. We went to a place called Rudys. It is like a BBQ place. I had a brisket sandwich, cole slaw, and peach cobbler! HOLY SMOKES it was super good. I really miss the coleslaw and I absolutely loved the Peach Cobbler.

Thursday we found a lady named Italia. She was living at her parents house right now because her husband is out of town working and she decided to stay there. She has had a couple of problems in her life and wants to be able to change some things. She really like the message that we shared with her. She also accepted a BD date. But we havent seen her since. Wont answer calls or anything. It stinks. She was so cool. That day was also when we had exchanges so we had another elder with us. We also got food from Hermana Flores, the Branch Presidents wife. She made us these really yummy sandwiches with avocados, ham, tomato, and lettuce. Super Yummy.

Friday we got food from Jaine. She gave us 3 pizzas and about 50 wings, 2 twelve packs of coke, and 2 gallons of blue bell ice cream. She is the best person ever. She really loves us so much. She is great! That night the English ward had like a little potluck and some of the missionaries played music. The missionaries were super good. They played piano, sang, and played guitar. Everyone loved it.

Not a lot happened with Saturday. Then Sunday came. Really the only thing that happened was that I gave a talk in Spanish church. I had been asked to give a talk on the 15th of September but here its ward conference on that day. So on Saturday night I was called and asked to give it the next morning. AAAAAHHHH! I was freaking out! I didnt have really anything ready. I pretty much pulled out all the Liahonas that we had and went through them. For my talk I read parts of one of the general authority talks and shared my thoughts and testimony. I guess it turned out all right but thats about it. 

Week of Aug 26 to Sep 1:
Monday morning we had to drive up to McAllen for Elder Guillette to do something. On the way back we had to drive through another rainstorm. Also our washer broke. It was horrible. The clothes would wash but then the water wouldnt drain. So we had to ring out the clothes and stick them in the dryer for a long time. Then we had to siphon out the water. We went to the church and played some more poison ball. That was pretty much it for Monday. Not a lot happened when we went out to work.

Tuesday we had transfers and we got up that morning to take Elder Jones and Elder Torres to the church. Elder Guillette was staying to still be my companion. Elder Jones companion was staying and was going to train. That night we didnt have any success at all. Just a hard day. But a little bit before we were going to head back to our apartment Elder Guillette and I were walking down the middle of the street and this guy starts yelling at us. He was sitting in a chair outside his house door. We couldnt hear what he was saying so we went up to his fence.  His speech was slurred because he was pretty drunk. But we were able to make out "Im calling the cops". So he pulled out his phone and took about a minute to call 911 and started screaming at the phone "los mormones los mormones". We were like cool, and just turned around and kept walking.

Now Wednesday, we had district meeting. When we got back Elder Bawden was feeling super sick. So he called the senior missionaries in our area to see if he could hang out with them so his companion, the new missionary, could go out and work with us. So that day we went out in a trio to work. The only thing that happened or we saw was a smashed dog in the road. Super gross. Blood and guts were everywhere. I took a picture.....but I wont send it. haha. But anyway that day it rained a good bit. We went and ate with the primary president and her husband. They are in the Spanish ward. It was a soup that was super super super good. I dont remember what it was called. I will have to find out. That night we found a girl named Nidia. She is a mom of three kids. She really wants to come to church and also so that her kids can grow up in a church. She wants to be an example. We had a great lesson with her and set up another one. We were going to have it at the church and with a member to fellowship her, but we havent been able to find her since. Wont answer our calls or text either. We have no idea where she lives because people have told us a lot of different things.

Friday we had weekly planning. For part of weekly planning we went to Home Depot to get some white boards that we were going to use. So the four of us in the apartment got in the car, went to home depot, bought two 12-foot whiteboards for $12 each and went back home. We just put them on top of the car and each of us had a hand out the window holding on to them. It was pretty funny. The house isnt too far from the store, so it wasnt bad. We had lunch from the Olvera's. They had us just meet them at McDonalds. They just bought food and had to leave so they could pick up their kids from school. Bro Olvera is the YM president and the 1st counselor in the Branch presidency. Sis Olvera is the YW President. They are super cool. Spanish ward members also.

Saturday was just a tiring day in every way. We were trying super hard to talk to people and to make sure people were coming to church the next day. We had a potential of about 5 or so people coming. Then Sunday came. NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH!! Man it was horrible. It was just a bad day. That night we didnt see success either. We were just ready to crash on our beds and get ready for PDay.

But anyway so I have to go. All my time is gone now. Used it all of updating you. But I will answer all your questions next time since I dont have much. I love you bye!!

-Elder Dawson