Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 15 - Brownsville, TX

I will start with my past week.

Monday: We went to the house of the other Elders in our District. It is a legit house and it is really nice. I will have to take pictures while I am there next time. But we went over to have a nerf war. We first went to home depot to get two foot pvc pipes that were big enough to fit a nerf bullet. We would run around the house shooting them at each other. They shoot faster than any nerf gun that you can buy. We werent able to find the whistle darts so we used the regular. They were a lot of fun. The whistle ones would be super fun to play with!! Monday night we went and sat down with a family of 6. The Herrera family. They are super cool. They have been taught in the past and they know a lot. They have even been to a conference. But we are doing our best to work with them. We are going to teach them the restoration tonight.

Tuesday: That afternoon we had district meeting, then that night we went to the Ortiz house to have dinner with them. It was Chicken, rice, and beans. A classic Hispanic plate. But I really love it even though I eat it a ton. Once that was over we went to a members house to have a FHE, only one other person showed up and none of our investigators were able to come. But we had fun anyway. We had an activity together, and then we did a little missionary work with the members. Using a pamphlet that we have which is called "101 Ways to do Member Missionary Work". Its pretty cool.

Wednesday: We were up early and out the door at 7 because we had Zone Conference and we needed to be in Harlingen. We were able to listen to Pres. and Sister Maluenda, the AP's [Assistant to the President], and from our Zone Leaders. It was fun. We left Harlingen probably around 5 or 6 in the afternoon. On the way back we met up with the Castillos at Chickfila! Oh man it was awesome. I just really love the Castillos!!

Thursday: That day I went on exchanges with the other Elders in our apartment. That day I rode around on a bike. It was fun. I dont mind riding a bike. We visited a investigating family that they had just to check up on them and make sure they were still good for the lesson they were going to have the next day. But that family is super cool. The dad is a cook! He made them cheesecake once. But when we stopped by they gave us some Flan that he had made. It was Delicious!

Elder Newland and Alec

But that night, Elder Newlands tire popped and so we went to a gas station to put air in it so the slime in the tire would seal the hole. We started the air machine but then it stopped working. Then we went to a members house so he could help us fix it. After about maybe an hour or so we got it taken care of and then we were on our way to talk with a recent convert. As we were talking to her we were getting attacked by mosquitoes. Freak mosquitoes here are bad! You know how normal mosquitoes land on you then take off to find a different place to land? Well these mosquitoes are super huge and they land on you then crawl around. I had about 20-30 bites. I have heard a trick that keeps mosquitoes away. I havent been able to try it yet but another Elder says it works. Apparently you just take a dryer sheet or two and stick it in your pocket or in your sock. Thats all thats to it.

Friday: Friday we really didnt have a whole lot happen. We went and had lunch with the Ortiz's again. That night we went and had a follow up lesson with some people. We had left them one of the Gospel of Christ pamphlets to read. We asked them if they had been able to read it and they said "Yeah, we read it last night when we were in the tub together bathing," so in our minds we were like "Oh My Gosh". We just said like "Cool, thats great you read them, what did you learn?" It was pretty weird...

Saturday: We got food from Jaine. It was Chinese food. Yummy Yummy! haha and so that was about how Saturday went.

Sunday: After Spanish church a member (Sis. Nieto, the seminary teacher) gave us some food to take home to eat. We ate it all up super fast then we went over to the English church. After church we had lunch and then went to the Herrera family's house to set up a lesson for today. While we were there they gave us some cake that they had from a party on Saturday night, and also some brisket and shrimp! Holy Smokes it was good. The dad likes to cook a lot.

So now I am recording stuff for this week. But it is still a little hot here; it is more humid now than hot. We have been having rain almost every day for the last two or three weeks. This last week and this week we have been having tons of rain because of a hurricane that is hitting the cost down in Mexico. But yeah my knee is doing good. It still has a little scab but it will be gone soon. And for the font, I helped clean some. I actually didnt gag or anything, surprising now that I think about it and how I usually am. haha

I get Bens pictures every week. I logged on and there are about 10 or so emails from him. Thats so cool that Jessica will be coming soon. That doesnt seem like 18 months. Next month I will be hitting my 6th month mark! Wow, thats weird.

I am so stoked for Allison!!!!! Man, super happy. That is cool she will be going to the temple a lot. I cant wait to go to the temple when I get back. But yeah I have heard about Stevens neighbor. He sent me an email talking about it. That is really cool that he was able to baptize him. I am super excited for Steven too. We are all going to be speaking Spanish to each other!! That is super cool.

But man, that is about all I have done this week.

This is for the ward:
"Hey Everyone, I hope that you all are doing great today. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all of your support and love. I miss all of you and all the fun I had back there. You guys are the best and I am happy for everything that you have done for me. All my leaders and friends. One thing that I am super excited for when I get back is that (1) I will be able to speak Spanish, (2) I am going to be best amigos with all of you Spanish Members, and (3) we are going to make Carne Asadas together!!!! Oh man you have no idea how awesome that would be. Thank you for everything! You guys are the best!! I love you!!"

 So yeah, I hope you guys have a great week! I will see you next week! I love you lots!

-Elder Dawson

This is just like a suburban that is Jacked out of its mind.

                                             These two are just what our chapel is like.