Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 12 - Brownsville, TX

This one will be short because I dont have a lot of time and because I have a new planner for this transfer and I left my sticky note with highlights throughout the week in my old one. I dont remember a lot of the stuff off the top of my head. So I will start with your questions. My bite mark is fine, I just have a litte scab now and just a little bump still. But it is fine. Yeah we ate the limes. We made limonada. Just squoze the juice out in water and added sugar. The people like that down here. It is pretty good. But no I havent learned how to make tortillas yet. Elder Guillette knows how to make corn and flower. He knows how but is still working on them. Sister Izaguirre is going to teach us sometime when we go over to her house to eat sometime. I want to learn how to make the Mexican green chili also. It is super super good.

Santiago and Ashley are doing great! They are so awesome. Santiago was confirmed yesterday. Ashley wasnt able to come but she is going to next week. They really like church a lot.

We got transfers this week and I am staying here in the southmost area in Brownsville. I have a feeling that I might get it during this transfer.

But yeah I saw Elder Wolfe at the MTC. I talked to him for a little bit.
[Editor's Note: Elder Wolfe served in our ward here in Gastonia and left for home over a year ago. He worked at the MTC teaching Spanish for a while].

Thats cool that school has started. Most of the schools here started today. But man I really got to go. Sorry that I couldnt tell you more.

I love you!

-Elder Dawson